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Prayer for Parnasa

Prayer for Parnasa (livelihood)
appears in the Otzar Hatefillot prayer book

prayer for livelihood

G-d, who prepares sustenance and clothing for every creature
and sends each their livelihood,
please grant me a proper livelihood.
Please sustain me,
all the members of my household,
and all of Israel
with a good and respectable livelihood,
calmly and without pain,
in legitimate and permissible, not prohibited ways,
with honor and not with disgrace.
It should be a livelihood without shame or disgrace,
a livelihood where I will not need the gift of flesh and blood,
but only Your full and wide Hand.
It should be a livelihood where I can be involved in
Your Holy, Pure, and Perfect Torah.
Prepare my food and that of my family and all of our needs
before we need them
so that my heart should be free without any bother
to be involved in the words of your Torah,
to keep Your commandments, and
to sit in peace on my table with dignity
with all of the members of my household.
I should not need to look to anyone else's table.
I should not need to become indebted to any man.
The yoke of no man should be upon me,
only the yoke of Your Kingdom,
in order to serve You with a complete heart.
Our garments should be worn with dignity and not with shame.
Save us from poverty, destitution, and lowliness.
Allow us to merit inviting guests,
to do acts of kindness to every man.
Give me the wherewithal to give charity to those that deserve it
and not stumble upon improper recipients.

2000 Darche Noam