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Midreshet Rachel Overview

In depth Torah study in a supportive environment

Midreshet Rachel trip to Ein gedi

Maximize your time devoted to Jewish study in Israel. At Midreshet Rachel v’Chaya in Jerusalem you will be part of a group of educated, independent women, committed to personal and spiritual growth.

At Midreshet Rachel v’Chaya you will…Midreshet Rachel Learning snapshot

Experience the excitement of discovering the Jewish sources for yourself

Our trained and diverse faculty will help you master Torah study skills giving you a firm basis for independently analyzing the wealth of Jewish texts. Class sizes are small, and chavruta learning one-on-one with a peer will introduce you to a uniquely dynamic world of Torah learning.


Flourish in our stimulating learning environment

The atmosphere is serious, open and mature with an emphasis on intellectual inquiry and personal discovery. Our student body is diverse, comprising university graduates and professionals from varying backgrounds. The faculty, educated at the top yeshivot and women’s seminaries, spans the spectrum of halachic and ideological streams in the Torah-observant world. They are steeped in Torah and have university backgrounds in a variety of fields. Each is a valuable intellectual resource, as well as an accessible, insightful role model and guide.

Integrate Torah into every aspect of your life

Midreshet Rachel v’Chaya provides a warm supportive environment that will help you learn to balance the competing demands of family, studies and career. Jewish values expressed in the classical texts provide windows of opportunity for self knowledge.

Be part of a dynamic community

midreshet rachel v'chaya

Our students form a mature, dynamic, and inquisitive group dedicated to making Judaism the foundation of their lives. You are joining the Darche Noam family, experiencing simchas and the cycle of the Jewish year together, forging friendships that will remain with you for life. The synergy between the aspiring students and inspiring faculty combines to create Darche Noam’s remarkable intellectually honest and spiritually nourishing atmosphere.

Find your niche in the broad spectrum of the Torah community

Experience D’racheha Darche Noam – the ways of Torah are ways of harmony. Respect and tolerance are words we live by. You will strengthen your appreciation for the broad sweep of Torah perspectives, form close ties with our multi-faceted faculty, and visit with families representing a range of Torah lifestyles. These experiences will help you to define your path and become an advocate for Ahavath Yisrael, focusing on what unites Jews.

Comprehensive Curriculum – Text skills and meaningful learning

Chumash, Prophets, Halacha, Prayer, Ethics

The Jewish philosophy curriculum includes seminal works by the Rambam, Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzatto, the Maharal, Rav Abraham Isaac HaCohen Kook and Rav Eliyahu Dessler, among others. At frequent in-depth seminars, explore contemporary issues, including the Jewish approach to sexuality, intermarriage, feminism, and mysticism.

Community Service Chesed Program

Midreshet Rachel v’Chaya has initiated a special placement project for our students to take an active role in the community, helping individuals and families.

A Total Experience

Our study trips throughout Israel, Shabbatonim and warm home hospitality foster a strong bond with the Land of Israel, integrating Torah study with Torah living. Yeshivat Darche Noam/David Shapell College of Jewish Studies, our nearby brother school, provides additional resources, a shared faculty and a joint program for married couples that is unique in Israel’s yeshiva world. Comfortable dormitory facilities are available adjacent to Midreshet Rachel v’Chaya.

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