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Dynamic learning programs making a positive impact on the Jewish world


In depth Torah study in a supportive environment.

Shapell's Darche Noam Yeshiva


Maximize your time devoted to Jewish learning in Israel. Be part of a group of university-educated and professional men committed to lifelong Jewish intellectual, spiritual and personal growth.

Intellectually open, honest and challenging atmosphere, where rabbis and students from diverse backgrounds develop close personal relationships.

At Yeshivat Darche Noam/Shapell’s you will…

Develop self-sufficiency in Jewish study.

Two students learning gemara at Shapell's


We will help you master and strengthen your Torah learning skills, giving you the tools to access and analyze the wealth of Jewish texts independently and confidently. Our renowned staff spans the sweep of halachic and ideological streams in the Torah-observant world. They are steeped in Torah and have university backgrounds in a variety of fields. Each educator is a valuable intellectual resource, as well as an accessible, insightful role model and guide.

Achieve your goal of Torah growth.

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Make Torah study, Jewish values and Halacha integral to every aspect of your life. We are small enough to offer you individualized attention, allowing you to grow at your own pace. The Torah you learn, the ethics you internalize and the relationships you develop will help you become the person you strive to be.

Be part of a dynamic community

Our students form a mature, dynamic, and inquisitive group dedicated to making Judaism the foundation of their lives. You are joining the Darche Noam family, experiencing simchas and the cycle of the Jewish year together, forging friendships that will remain with you for life. The synergy between the aspiring students and inspiring faculty combines to create Darche Noam’s remarkable intellectually honest and spiritually nourishing atmosphere.

Experience D’racheha Darche Noam – the ways of Torah are ways of harmony.


"Experience Torah Study at Darche Noam"You will strengthen your appreciation for the broad spectrum of Torah perspectives by studying the texts upon which these approaches are based. You will form close ties with our diverse and multifaceted faculty and visit with families representing a range of Torah lifestyles. Our approach, based on mutual respect and tolerance, will make you an advocate for Ahavath Yisrael, focusing on what unites Jews.


SINCE 1978, Darché Noam Institutions have provided intelligent, motivated men from around the world with expert instruction in classical Jewish literature together with responsible guidance in the area of spiritual growth. Our programs cater to adults committed to making Judaism the center of their lives.

We pride ourselves on small class size, personalized instruction, broad course offerings, and an exceptional staff drawn from a broad range of ideological streams within the observant community. We focus on each student’s individual strengths and provide an open and supportive environment for intellectual inquiry and personal growth.

We are an educational community committed to deracheha darché noam, “the ways of Torah are ways of harmony”, and we are committed to you.